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Project Smoked

Porken Platter 猪鸡拼盘 (2 pax)

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The marriage between Pork & Chicken. For the two of you.

Smoked Meats include: 1/2 Smoked Chicken & 200g Smoked Pork Belly Slabs

Sides include:1 Uh-mami Mash, 1 Memphis Slaw

Comes with small 1 Liquid Gold BBQ Sauce & Rustic Red BBQ Sauce & Homemade Pickles.


熏肉包括 烟熏半鸡,200克烟熏厚花肉

配菜包括 1唔妈咪薯泥,1金典M市拌菜

也包括 2 烧烤沾酱 和 腌菜

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