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Project Smoked

The Blazed Chick 勃发的小鸡

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Smoked Half Chicken, brined in a flavourful chicken brine over 12 hours, rubbed with our PS BBQ Rub, smoked for 2 hour, applied butter on skin & finish in the oven to crisp up the skin. This is smoky, juicy, & tender chick that you will not forget.

半鸡,浸泡在配制的盐水里。取出后,擦上了独家调制的PS BBQ 配方,用红毛丹和相思木烟熏两小时,上一层牛油,放入烤炉直到脆皮。这将会是一只湿润香浓又难忘的小鸡。

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